Karsdorp called to Trigoria: Monday will present

Roma will be back in Trigoria on 12 December and Karsdorp is definitely one of the players expected. The Dutchman has been called up and everyone expects him to show up, despite the Club having fixed the sale price at 10-12 million euros, only outright. The holidays of these days have softened the extreme position … Read more

Zaniolo’s mother frames the Rolex thief who threatened her: “Shut up or I’ll shoot you”

Sentenced to five years and six months in prison one of the robbers of Nicolò Zaniolo’s mother. The man went to trial for stealing Rolex, money and car keys from Francesca Costa. The woman recognized him in court, while the identity of the second attacker remains unknown. The robbery dates back to May 23, 2019 … Read more

TAHIROVIC: muscle problem

Tahirovic has a muscle problem. The young midfielder has asked for a change after a defensive withdrawal. Bove enters. Hands on his face for Tahirovic, who appears concerned about his condition.