Castel Porziano: visit the estate

Castel Porziano is a sixteenth-century villa in the Roman countryside which once housed the president of the town. The villa now serves as a museum but remains a popular recreational destination for the public. It also houses the College of Veterinary Medicine of Rome, the largest veterinary school in Europe.

Castel Porziano park covers about 10,000 square meters and offers a panoramic view of Rome. The marble paved area contains different areas such as a terrace and lookout, or a raised platform. Along the edges are statues of lions, elephants and ibises. In the center of the circular area is a fountain decorated with dolphins and seahorses. Castelporziano, in addition to serving as a residence, has also hosted various state occasions since its construction in the 15th century.

The main attraction of Castel Porziano is undoubtedly the villa itself. The building was commissioned by Pope Alexander VI when he was still Giovanni Borgia; however, work did not begin until after his death. Once completed, it became the official residence of the President of Italy. It is also used as the headquarters of the Italian Guardia di Finanza, an organization that deals with customs and tax police. The interior of Villa Castel Porziano is decorated with frescoes depicting historical events, including military meetings and coronations. In addition to serving as an official residence, Villa Castel Porziano was also used to host state dinners for foreign dignitaries.

While many people visit Villa Castel Porziano for its historical significance, others come to enjoy its natural beauty. The area around Rome is known for its natural spring water, which is why this site was once thought to have healing properties. Its other natural resources include rock formations, pine trees and wildflowers. Indeed, this site was inhabited by monks who grew medicinal herbs in their gardens. In addition to being a renowned tourist destination in its own right, Castel Porziano is also home to various commercial activities related to natural beauty: agritourisms (rural hotels), restaurants and spas.

Castel Porziano is one of Italy’s most famous historic sites and remains a popular recreational destination for both locals and visitors. The gardens are both picturesque and well-maintained, making them ideal for hosting various activities such as hiking, cycling or picnics. In addition to serving as a presidential estate and veterinary college, Castel Porziano is also known for its natural beauty in general.

Moreover, Castel Porziano is one of the nicest places around Rome. There is no shortage of archaeological sites and ancient villas, which are definitely worth a visit. The city is well served by a free shuttle service developed by the municipality, which connects the main areas of the historic center and allows you to move easily from one archaeological site to another. A place for a peaceful holiday.