Mourinho furious: “One of my players betrayed me. I asked him to leave in January”

The Giallorossi don’t go further than Sassuolo. At Mapei Stadium, he finished 1-1 between the Giallorossi and Dionisi’s side with goals from the two numbers 9, Tammy Abraham and Andrea Pinamonti. Mourinho’s team in many parts of the race in confusion, with serious tactical carelessness and a lot of technical confusion. At the end of … Read more

Dybala ok, but for a few minutes

Paulo Dybala believes it. In these days he resumed kicking, his recovery proceeds without problems and Paulo is very confident, he feels good, he is convinced he can earn the convocation to the national team, he is training morning and afternoon non-stop. In the middle of the week you can go back to training with … Read more

Zaniolo dreams of his first derby goal in a Giallorossi-tinged Olimpico

“The coach asked me how I was, I gave him my availability because Roma come first”. The emotional state of Nicolò Zaniolo is contained in these few but significant words, punctuated in the heart of the magical evening of the Olimpico, after the goal signed at the Ludogorets. With this hunger and this desire, Nicolò … Read more

Abraham loads Roma for the derby: the photo on social media provokes the Lazio

It’s less than 24 hours until tomorrow’s derby, but the tension is starting to get between the players. Tammy Abraham, just before training in Trigoria, posted on Instagram a collage of photos that portray him immediately after the goal at Lazio last March. Two images not random, because the English striker did not choose the … Read more

Chris Smalling: “Happy in Rome, but I want the World Cup. Disappointed by England”

Chris Smalling è un giocatore fondamentale per la Roma, leader della difesa e della squadra tutta. Non è, però, un punto fermo della nazionale inglese. Anzi, è da tempo che non viene convocato e questa cosa non gli va giù, come ha ammesso in un’intervista al “The Daily Telegraph”. “A Roma sono felice, il club … Read more

Zaniolo sting from Uefa: two more rounds of disqualification. Roma will appeal

Sting for Nicolò Zaniolo. Uefa has in fact given another two days of disqualification to the talent of Roma for the expulsion remedied in the Olimpico match against Betis. After serving the disqualification in Seville, now Uefa has decided to add two more days: in this way Zaniolo would close his group in the Europa … Read more