Karsdorp, Fulham and Lille test Roma for loan: trade hypothesis

The company would like the rift between José Mourinho and Rick Karsdorp to be recomposed at least from the professional point of view, also because Karsdorp for the management has a non-trivial value that would not want to see depreciated. At the moment there are no transfer requests with money, but Fulham and Lille showed … Read more

Contract and ransom: Smalling and Abraham think of Roma

Maybe the sound of the sea helped clear their minds. Thoughts and melancholy, desire for redemption and desire for the future, with the thought of England playing a place in the top four of the world against France. It would have taken to be, Chris Smalling and Tammy Abraham: the first, however, perhaps had a … Read more

Transfer to Roma, Kluivert v Valencia stalled: difference between demand and offer

The passage of Justin Kluivert is in (momentary) stand-by. Roma frowned on Valencia’s outright early purchase, demanding €10 million compared to the €15 million agreed in the summer deal. The Spanish club, however, tries to lower the figure further to keep the Dutch at the court of Gattuso. In economic difficulties, Valencia has put in … Read more