Castel Porziano: visit the estate

Castel Porziano is a sixteenth-century villa in the Roman countryside which once housed the president of the town. The villa now serves as a museum but remains a popular recreational destination for the public. It also houses the College of Veterinary Medicine of Rome, the largest veterinary school in Europe. Castel Porziano park covers about … Read more

How to style a mustache well

Shaping a mustache may not be that simple, have you experienced it too? Many young people are relaunching the mustache trend in 2022! You’re also probably one of those guys who thought about growing them up to look more mature or just to make a change in their look. At this point you will have … Read more

What is the best recognized photography course in Rome?

More and more people are approaching the world of photography, professional and otherwise; landscapes, portraits, stories. But what does one have to do to become a photographer? The best choice falls on photography courses, including those available in the current year: 2022. Thanks to this article we will see the best photography courses in Rome, … Read more

Do you know the Square Colosseum?

Have you ever heard of the Square Colosseum? It is a building located in Rome, in the EUR area, so called because of its particular arched architecture that recalls the typical structure of the Roman Colosseum. But what is the name of the Square Colosseum for real? It is called Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana whose … Read more

Photo reportage for your wedding in Rome: what to know and how to choose?

Surely an important factor that you must evaluate during the preparations for the wedding is who to rely on for the photo reportage for your wedding in Rome. Are there any differences between a photographer who deals with photojournalism and a classic wedding photographer? Yes, and now we will try to briefly illustrate these differences, … Read more