How to style a mustache well

Shaping a mustache may not be that simple, have you experienced it too?

Many young people are relaunching the mustache trend in 2022! You’re also probably one of those guys who thought about growing them up to look more mature or just to make a change in their look. At this point you will have asked yourself several questions: If I grow them, will they look good on me? What kind of mustache could I wear? And if they fit me, how do I shape and fix them? Below we will answer all these questions by removing all doubts. Enjoy the reading!

Who does a mustache look good on?

At all, or almost. You need to find the mustache shape that best suits your face, a model that enhances you. How many mustache models do we have? There are several: natural mustache, curled, handlebar, quill, walrus, brush, English, French… To understand which one suits you best, it is essential to know the shape of your face, its characteristics and your features. Remember: every face has its own mustache!

For example, those with softer facial features can adopt a particular style such as that of the handlebar mustache, while those with a long chin, broad forehead and thin lips could opt for a light, thin and not excessive length.

If you don’t want to make mistakes, entrust yourself to your trusted barber who, knowing the characteristics of your face, can direct you towards the choice of mustache that can best enhance you.

Ultimately, the choice is yours. Don’t let yourself be overly influenced by these patterns, because your tastes and preferences come into play. If you think a mustache looks good on you even if it doesn’t match the shape of your face, no one will judge you: you’re free to wear them!

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How to grow a mustache?

Now that you have an idea of what type of mustache might be right for you, you want to understand what needs to be done to grow them, right? Well, the first thing you need to know is that your eating habits affect the growth of hair on your face.

If you want a nice mustache you need to get the right amount of vitamins A, B, C, E every day. They are necessary to grow a strong mustache, so eat foods that contain them. Then remember to exfoliate your face with special products, this will unblock the hair bulbs and make your skin clean. Drinking plenty of water is equally important.

How to arrange and shape the mustache?

Once you’ve grown your mustache, you need to know how to style and style it. Don’t make the mistake of not grooming them, or you risk looking scruffy. You can decide to go to your barber every week or learn how to use special tools such as beard trimmers, razors or professional shapers. In order not to affect the shape of your mustache, be sure to remove the new hair that grows around the mustache with one of these tools and do it carefully.

Set them up with a comb and use mustache wax to fix them. Depending on the style you want to adopt, you can also decide to curl the ends. It takes some practice, but the result will be that you will have a neat and clean look!