DIONISI: “Roma are hurt by the derby and will not miss the performance. Berardi to be evaluated”

Sassuolo coach Alessio Dionisi answered questions from reporters ahead of the match against Roma.

There comes a challenging game but now you need the reaction, beyond the opponent…

“Yes, I agree with that. We played a game below our previous performances and we have to redeem ourselves, better match could not happen to us. A strong opponent, a wounded opponent like us. We know that it will create difficulties for us but we must prove that we have made an empty ride that has made us angry, we must be there”.

What do you expect from Rome?

“We are talking about Roma, a strong team with physical players, they played more but they are equipped for this, I don’t think there are many advantages for us from this point of view. Roma are probably hurt by the derby and will not miss the performance, welcome because we want to face a team that will face us to fight and we want to face them to beat them”.

Do you expect the leap in quality from Pinamonti and the other strikers tomorrow?

“We still have today’s training and finishing tomorrow to make assessments, and today’s training is important because there were few days to prepare for the challenge. To date, the team has missed two games: the first official and the last play. In the middle we did well because you have to parameterize to who you have, then if you lack decisive players you have to make up for and we did, apart from the last race. I would not dwell on individuals. It is important to recover the players, as Traore is recovering playing, now there is Berardi that we hope to recover soon and Laurientè returns from disqualification”.

Who entered did well in Empoli, can it be a stimulus?

“Those who entered did well, I agree, changed the inertia, it is not easy for those who enter and we deepened this thing, obviously after a race like this you can not be satisfied at all, it may be that those who took over could play, let’s see”.

Toljan has no rivals in the role, he is the only one without an alternative because Muldur is missing: is he a little tired?

“We haven’t been lucky in the injured so far, but we’ll make up for that. Not having an alternative role on the right Toljan could have the opportunity to play continuously, because apart from the last game for me he did well and I do not think it is fatigue, then I talk to the guys and the performance of the team was not for fatigue. Obviously, having no alternative role on the right Toljan has to work overtime but I think he is happy”.

Have you explained the bad evidence of Empoli?

“We work because it doesn’t happen again. This year we started with a empty lap and we repeated ourselves against Empoli. It didn’t take much, but I wouldn’t make a big deal out of it. We were not cynical and determined in your 16 meters and in the 16 meters opponents, it is there that moves everything, make a difference”.

What is the main blame you give yourself for the defeat of Empoli?

“There are always responsibilities, I take them because it is right. We did not get there in the best way, given the absence. Nobody talks about a decisive situation in the first half”.

Can Berardi recover for Roma?

“I can not be sure of this, because there is a training and a half, we are making assessments”.

Last year Sassuolo won several games with the big, this year has always lost except a draw with AC Milan. Are you missing a bit of the cheeky spirit that often accompanied the team in these challenges? And do you hope to see him tomorrow with Roma?

“I am more concrete, are assessments that we must make you. We have changed and we have to do more than last year, even if we were not last year’s. We are growing, the guys are showing that they can grow, it is normal that if you acquire security you then have a little ‘carefree against the big league”.

What weight do the next two games have in view of the recovery after the break?

“Sincerely now the most important thing is to redeem the previous game and confirm us as the spirit as at the beginning of the year. No one remembers but we play with so many defections in attack. We are doing well, we have the same points as last season on the understanding that tomorrow we have an important game and we will do everything to redeem the previous game even if it will not be easy”.