Dybala returns first for Roma

Dybala, desire for Rome. The striker does not play with Argentina, he cheers sitting on the bench and when he finishes his World Cup he could land first in Trigoria to make himself available to Mourinho. Paulo is ready to cut his holidays for Roma, he wants to pick up where he left off before the muscle injury that stopped him a month. He hasn’t started a game since October. The last twenty minutes on 13 November against Torino were decisive in preventing Roma from losing. Paulo knows that Mourinho needs him and will meet the needs of the coach.

Programme to be defined
Tomorrow Argentina will play the semi-final against Croatia and then we will understand something more about the program of Joya. Each player has supposedly eight days off, but it will depend on the agreements made between the players and the company. Zalewski, for example, having finished his world adventure with Poland, is taking a few days off and will be leaving with the team on Thursday for his retirement in Portugal. Rui Patricio is expected to join the team in the final days of retirement in Albufeira. Roma will also ask Dybala to make a sacrifice.

Paulo is the last Roma player left in the 2022 World Cup after Rui Patricio’s defeat of Portugal. He hasn’t played a minute with the Argentine shirt but he’s always in the middle of the festivities, he’s a group, he lives the locker room with great team spirit. He had recovered in extremis to go to Qatar, he knew he was closed by a totem like Messi, but the hierarchies of Scaloni are very rigid and the captain never goes out, even in the last minutes of the closed matches. Dybala is training in the Argentina national team training with his teammates, he is always smiling, but he would need to recover the pace match. Scaloni spoke of technical choice, the turnings in attack did not concern the Joya, he is just the change for Messi. Paulo has only played 21 minutes in the last two months. He could return to training in the first days of the new year that precede the resumption of the championship, scheduled for January 4 against Bologna. At this point Argentina will remain in Qatar until 17/18 December, then we will have to see what will be the final verdict, because in case of victory, there are to be scheduled the celebrations that will last a few days. A few days of vacation to spend Christmas with the family and then running from Mourinho.

Future to write
Roma proved to be Dybala-addicted and without him, in the month of absence, the Giallorossi lost ground from the front of the class. The future of Joya worries the Giallorossi fans. In the contract signed by the player to parameter zero has been inserted a clause rescission from 20 million euros, that it guarantees to the Argentine the possibility to free itself from the contractual tie. The attacker could be oriented towards this solution especially in the event that Roma could not return to the Champions League. This is a relatively low figure, within the reach of all top clubs. And in Spain there is a rumour of a possible arrival at Barcelona.