The Sea of Terracina, a blue pearl on the Pontine coast

If you don’t feel like going outside Italy for the holidays again this year, know that you are not missing out on anything! In Italy we have clear and luxuriant coasts, often close to home, which we have never visited. So why not take advantage of it? If you are from the Lazio Region, I invite you to discover the beauties of Terracina, loved and known throughout the peninsula for its breathtaking views, tranquility and good food. Follow this short guide to find out more about this magnificent destination!

How is the sea in Terracina?

The seafront of Terracina is about 4 km long, and has always been a place of tourist attraction. The sea is so crystal clear that it has already been awarded the blue flag for many years. You will find both free beaches and equipped lidos as well as bars, restaurants, kiosks to brighten up your holiday. The lidos provide many services from catering to windsurfing to boat rental. If you are deciding to go to Terracina this summer there are many valid reasons which I will explain below.

How are the beaches in Terracina?

The beach is long and narrow, and the sand is clear and with a very fine grain, the walks will be pleasant and accompanied by an unforgettable panorama. In Terracina the sea is not polluted, in fact from the Goletta Verde survey carried out by Legambiente 2021 Terracina is not polluted compared to other places on the Lazio coast. Rather, the sea of Terracina 2021 is among the 7 Municipalities in the province of Latina to have received the 2021 Blue Flag, the important recognition that certifies the quality of beaches and waters. In addition to being clean, the sea has a shallow seabed, therefore ideal for families with children. Terracina has in fact also been awarded the Green Flag by Italian paediatricians for the most suitable beaches for the little ones at home.

So if your doubt is between the sea, Terracina or Sperlonga or other nearby towns, I can tell you that they are all very beautiful, but in Terracina you will find much cheaper prices than in Sperlonga and other towns.


Where to go to the sea in Terracina?

Terracina is one of the most popular seaside resorts on the Lazio coast and also the one with the largest number of sites of historical and archaeological interest. It is very popular during the summer thanks to its long and equipped beaches, both free and for a fee, for a relaxing holiday. But where is the free beach in Terracina? Clean and organized, it is always found in Viale Circe where there are also all the private structures. There are also many accommodations in Terracina on the sea between hotels, bungalows and resorts. In short, you will really be spoiled for choice!



The best beaches in Terracina

You will find many structures ready to welcome you and very well equipped to let you spend your relaxing day on the beach at its best.

Among the best beaches in Terracina I point out:

  • Sun beach
  • La perla
  • La sirenetta
  • Acquadimare