Mourinho furious: “One of my players betrayed me. I asked him to leave in January”

The Giallorossi don’t go further than Sassuolo. At Mapei Stadium, he finished 1-1 between the Giallorossi and Dionisi’s side with goals from the two numbers 9, Tammy Abraham and Andrea Pinamonti. Mourinho’s team in many parts of the race in confusion, with serious tactical carelessness and a lot of technical confusion. At the end of the match Mourinho spoke at a press conference:

He said that he was betrayed by the attitude of one. Is it a fact of the field?
“He’s in the camp”.
“I invited him to visit the club for January but I don’t think so”.

Can you tell us the role?

Mourinho to DAZN

Who is it?
“I don’t tell you, I’ve already said it in the locker room, and I don’t do it often. I had 16 players on the field, the attitude of 15 I liked, while of one not. I asked another the question ‘why this attitude today and not always?'”