Mourinho at the Italy International Tennis

Selfies and autographs from the coach who watched the tennis match between Sousa and McDonald at the Foro Italico

Pep’s attack from England: “Roma spent a lot of money, but they didn’t get into the Champions League…”

He has always loved tennis: from Madrid to London to Rome. Josè Mourinho went yesterday to the Foro Italico, in Italy, for international tennis after his penultimate training session in preparation for the match against Fiorentina (to be held tomorrow). Selfies and autographs, smiles and applause for who is now king of Rome with Francesco Totti. In the capital no one attracts more attention than the two of them. Mourinho was in game 3, when his compatriot Joao Sousa (#82 in the world) met McDonald (USA).


From Roma to Manchester, in today’s match, according to Sky, Guardiola first commented on the elimination in the semifinals on behalf of Real Madrid, then mentioned Mourinho’s Roma: “I’m always hungry, I think about how lucky and happy I am it’s everyday. I know people here are obsessed with the Champions League. The day we won the title, I’m sure they’d say it was because we spent a lot of money and not because of the work that followed. In my opinion, not it’s a matter of money, the fans don’t understand. Roma also spent a lot of money, but they didn’t get to the Champions League.” Who knows if Mourinho will respond to these words, he certainly won’t do it today, as he won’t hold the pre-match conference with Fiorentina.

Viola News took the opportunity to criticize Mou for his presence in the national team, accusing him of inattention before the match. The news reads: Fiorentina will face Roma in the crucial match for the race for a place in the Europa League. In the meantime, however, Mourinho does not analyze the match and enjoys the Italian Tennis Internationals at the Foro Italico.
We’ll see if the Giallorossi coach has sinned by “inattention”.