Mourinho, new mission impossible

“The Friedkins are serious people”. Five words that come from UEFA sources and are repeated every time they ask for comments on the owners of Roma. This seriousness is the biggest guarantee for Roma fans and players. Together there is another huge guarantee: Mourinho. Net of fanciful market rumors and net of prosecutors who would like to take away players at no cost, it is clear that the Roma market, at least for the next sessions, will be strongly conditioned by the stakes imposed by UEFA.

A four-year plan that the Giallorossi club pays for like no other in Italy and that, in Europe, has seen only the PSG as the most affected. Mourinho spoke on the subject the next day of the agreement on the “Settlmente Agreement” in which Dan Friedkin played a fundamental role. The agreement also covers contracts, with 20 million saved compared to January 2021, when Pinto took office. The Friedkins have decided to respect all the agreements with the utmost rigour because they know that every year the deficit must be contained within certain thresholds. If not, sanctions will be imposed.