Mourinho, the words that tease the Friedkins

The market, the latecomers – and there are – can be quiet, it remains open. Even on holidays (for the championship). And also in the East. Where, it is not a novelty, commerce is understood. It is therefore no coincidence that the question to Mourinho has asked him, innocent only for those who live there, a Japanese journalist. José’s answer, to those who asked him if he had in mind to buy other players in England, was instead unequivocal for those who live here: We do not have the strength to pick up the best players in the Premier League. Abraham’s case is peculiar: he was a player who wanted to show off and Roma was a great opportunity for his growth. Different from Matic who is thirty-four years old and played in the best clubs: he came back with me to bring experience». Mou does not mention Rui Patricio, the goalkeeper who came last year from Wolverhampton and only Portugal’s reserve in Qatar, and especially Maitland-Niles, who was on loan in Trigoria for the first five months of 2022. It would have been too much. Indeed, superfluous.

The awakening of the Giallorossi fans, having the Special One spoken at dawn (effect of the rising sun), was therefore annoying. If anyone still has doubts, Mourinho’s thought is always the same. Roma can’t afford the big players to compete with the big ones of Italy and Europe. And it strengthens him when asked if he is ready to welcome a Japanese footballer in Trigoria: «Se costa poco». Realista to the end. Because when he says that the Giallorossi club does not have «strength», he certainly does not belittle the Friedkin safe. We would miss him. He refers to the UEFA stakes that block Roma on the market. No offense. But surely José sfruculia, the right verb we use around here, Texas property. He teases her with the intention of exposing her. With top players. «You must be lucky to have players with the right motivation and quality» the sketch. «We coaches can implement them, but we do not do miracles» just to keep up with the news.

Pinto has the advantage of speaking after Mou. And he exploits it, even if as a fireman he stays immediately dry. Tiago, enraged by the cumbersome argument, struggles to mediate between the cumbersome technician and the silent prophet. We certainly take into account the opinion of our coach but also the stakes of Fair Play Financial. But we are in Japan and I don’t want to talk about the market», explains the GM. Annoyed because, via the Internet, he was invited to expose himself from here, from the Capital. However, there is no need to worry: José will insist. For Karsdorp’s replacement, discounted intervention, and the extra midfielder, desired gift. Solbakken is not enough. It’s an option. And, as they also know in Norway, it is not the first purchase of the winter session, but the last of the summer. Blocked already in the spring in case Zaniolo left. That’s why Mourinho waits for Roma to move. From Rome, in 2023.