On Zaniolo the sirens of Arsenal: Mourinho can lose it already in January

It almost feels like a curse. Every six months, at each market window, the English wind starts blowing again towards Rome to try to take away one of the silverware of the team: Nicolò Zaniolo.

The last club to move is Arsenal. Who has lost the Ukrainian Mudryk, finished at Chelsea, and now finds himself with an avalanche of money to spend to complete the attack department with an outside capable of playing on both sides. And Zaniolo to Mikel Arteta, the head coach of the Premier League, likes for a long time. For this reason, contacts have already been opened: between 30 and 40 million.

In the summer Tottenham tried it: the team of Conte and Paratici came to put on the table a loan with mandatory redemption under certain conditions (not impossible to reach) and very high figures. But the formula did not convince the club. And then to brake Nicolò was especially José Mourinho, who wanted to keep the boy in Rome at all costs.

But much has changed around Zaniolo compared to last May 25, when he gave Roma, with a goal to Feyenoord, the Conference League. In short, the player is not particularly serene, he would like clarity and not feel at the center of the storm after each game.

On the other hand, in the Premier League, he has been frequently proposed in recent weeks by intermediaries convinced that they will be able to snatch the loan from Roma. But the Giallorossi do not take into consideration leasing formulas: those who want their players must pay them. The only acceptable option is the obligation of redemption. And this also applies to those who wanted Zaniolo, also because then Roma should replace him. Or invest in the market to take Frattesi.