What is the best recognized photography course in Rome?

More and more people are approaching the world of photography, professional and otherwise; landscapes, portraits, stories. But what does one have to do to become a photographer? The best choice falls on photography courses, including those available in the current year: 2022.
Thanks to this article we will see the best photography courses in Rome, including that of dampphotography.it which is very interesting indeed. The courses that we will see are recognized, in fact they require a regional certificate. However, let’s start immediately with our guide! Ready?

Best photography courses in Rome 2022

Here is the guide to the best photography course in Rome, including a final certificate valid at a regional level, and a website to get more information and immediately start your journey to become a professional photographer.


Digital Arts & Media Academy offers 3 types of professional paths, which will help you make photography your next, or your first job. The first path is a three-year course with internationally recognized training credits. It will be divided into on-site practice and online theory. The second path is a course with a recognized professional qualification, while the third and final path is a foundation course focused on practice, with expert teachers.

In all cases therefore, regardless of which path you choose, thanks to Damphotography you will be able to learn the necessary and many work tricks, which will give you the basis you need to start your career.


A second photography course in Rome that we recommend is that of
Accademiafotografica.com. On the site it is possible to choose between two different courses: the basic photography course and the intermediate one. For the price, it’s definitely worth spending a little more and doing the intermediate one, which provides much more information that will prove useful in the work you learn. However, both courses include teachings on how to use the SLR camera, theoretical and practical lessons, and also two outdoor lessons. In the intermediate one and in the one proposed by Street photography, you will instead have the opportunity to specialize and learn the different styles of photography, so as to find your field of action.


Founded in Rome in 1985 and with more than 35 years of experience, ISFCI offers truly excellent and various training courses, among which the three-year course stands out, with the release of a professional degree to start immediately as photographers. There is also the course for fashion photography, photojournalism, and short courses for photography, where you can specialize in fields such as portraiture, darkroom, video making and even Photoshop. Its versatility is certainly one of its strong points. It also sees an experienced and qualified lecturer field. Isfci collaborates with Feltrinelli, Sapienza University of Rome, Sabatini and many others.


What school should you go to to be a photographer?
To qualify as a photographer, you must attend a professional course or a university for photographers.
Where to study photography in Rome?
In Rome we recommend Damphotography.it, Accademiafotografica.com and ISFCI.it
How much does a photographer earn?
The average salary for a photographer is around €50 per hour, or €97,500 per year. For newcomers, it’s €81,525 a year, while more experienced ones can aim for €195,000 a year.
How to find work as a photographer?
To find work as a photographer, you can view the offers on the various job portals, or apply as a professional in an advertising, fashion or special event company such as weddings.