Roma 1-2 Cremonese, Report cards

Rui Patricio 5,5 – Forced to sacrifice himself on Dessers, he is called only to the foul in the penalty area. There is nothing he can do about the powerful and angled conclusion of the Cremonese striker. Celik’s deviation is blameless, he saves Ghiglione in the final.

Mancini 5 – His game changes and deep throws are always dangerous. In defense he is not always precise against the speed of Ballardini’s men. From 46′ Smalling 5,5 – He plays as an added striker but fails the 1-2 ball from an excellent position.

Kumbulla 4,5 – Simply clumsy control that paves the way for the restart of Dessers that gets (and then transforms) the penalty of the advantage. It’s not in the evening. From 46′ Matic 5,5 – Catalyzes the Giallorossi game in going to serve the many tips available tonight but unfortunately for Roma not enough.

Ibanez 4,5 – In the general disaster he too is disputing a performance far below expectations. Slips at the start of the recovery paving the way to the restart of Okereke from which generates 0-2.

Celik 4,5 – Ballardini square Afena-Gyan and the rapidity of his former partner makes him work overtime. When he dropped in attack, he failed several suggestions for his teammates, completing his black night with the clumsy own goal of 2-0.

Tahirovic 5 – It was his first chance of the match but his shot from inside the area in the first half deserves more success. Alternate good things with inaccuracies. From 56′ Abraham 5 – Hits a sensational pole from close position that Fabbri judges in an irregular position (even if the replay showed the opposite).

Cristante 5 – Added defender when Cremonese shows up forward, he collects a large number of balls from the edge of the area. In the process of setting, however, he makes several technical mistakes not from him. From 46′ Zalewski 5,5 – He plays practically as a striker added but his hints from the three quarters towards the points are always prey to Sarr.

El Shaarawy 5 – He often appears on the left wing but his attacks do not go well. Little risk in the phase of no possession, but could do more forward.

Pellegrini 5 – Glue between midfield and attack but tonight ends up being held by the defense of Davide Ballardini. In the second half he tries a semi-overturned but is deflected in the corner by Sarr.

Volpato 5,5 – The young striker goes to alternating current. The game does not always succeed him but it should be stressed the commitment and desire to fight on every ball. From 46′ Dybala 5,5 – He puts his quality to create the numerical superiority but fails to make himself dangerous in the opposing area.

Belotti 6 – Back to the goal 111 days after the last time but it does not serve to the final outcome of the match. Fight without sparing, earning several yellow cards.

José Mourinho 5 – An evening to be forgotten for his Roma side that was eliminated by Cremonese. Many decisive errors of his men in the recovery line up simultaneously Belotti, El Shaarawy, Abraham and Dybala plus Pellegrini but the network grayish only swells in recovery.