Roma Transfer, Frattesi immediately in exchange for Bove

Edoardo Bove and Davide Frattesi, two quality players linked by love for Roma. One could go away, the other instead dreams of returning after the adventures around Italy that helped him to grow and be one of the best midfielders in Serie A. Bove dreams of becoming one, maybe doing the same path as the twenty-three-year-old neroverde: leaving Trigoria (with the dream of going back) to put minutes in the legs, gain experience playing at a starting club that knows how to value it. At Roma he grew up a lot, but had little room to prove his worth on the field. Yesterday in the match against Casa Pia in Albufeira he was among the best in the field working so much for the team and showing a good athletic condition. Lots of racing, aggression and game ideas, so the guy needs to play to develop what are his characteristics.

Desire for Rome
Frattesi instead needs to consecrate himself in a big after the years spent growing up between Ascoli, Empoli, Monza and Sassuolo. In Emilia it has become a certainty, finding many admirers around not only for Italy but also for Europe. And recently many clubs have knocked on the door of Carnivals. Juventus, Napoli, Brighton have all tried, but the answer has always been the same: «My desire is to wear the Roma shirt again and return to my city». In this way, Davide Frattesi has proved to be a great Giallorossi fan and, above all, a faithful ally for Roma GM Tiago Pinto, with whom he has established an intense and constructive communication in recent months. Moved by a sincere attachment to the Giallorossi colours, the Sassuolo midfielder has recently frozen all proposals, including those of foreign clubs. Let us remember that the name of the ’99 class was back in the news for Roma last November 20, when on these pages he sent nostalgic messages to his city and his team of the heart. Sincere words, affectionate, and able to ignite a deal shipwrecked last summer for the high rating (35-40 million) made by Sassuolo, but remained in the ideas of Tiago Pinto, and now designed on new bases.

The formula
What? The possibility of inserting the card of Edoardo Bove (historic ball of neroverdi, but for which the Romanists last summer had vetoed) in a deal that would include the loan with a ransom obligation of Frattesi, to be exercised next June. Let’s be precise, Lecce’s interest in the young midfielder of Mourinho has not faded at all, indeed. The parties remain in contact and will be heard after the holidays. But as is known without an alternative, Mourinho will not give the green light to the departure of Bove. With the Frattesi deal, however, the problem of the replacement would be overcome: the Giallorossi would have suffered a potential starter, to be used also in a three-man midfield. Not to mention that Roma will lower the costs of the operation by discounting that famous 30% on future resale. The last contact between the parties to test Bove’s availability was ten days ago. On that occasion it was reiterated that the 20-year-old can be sold only with the possibility of repurchase by the club of Trigoria. Bove and Frattesi are united by their love for Roma, but one could go away, the other could finally go back to wearing the Giallorossi jersey.