Rome increasingly solid and valued: the plan of the Friedkin

In the silence of unspoken words, but in the concreteness of the facts, Dan and Ryan Freidkin continue the plan for the relaunch, commercial and managerial, of Roma. The meetings that Dan and Ryan, with their executive and also with Corbin, the other son of the increasingly Roman president, like his brother, are carrying out. Playing on multiple levels and multiple continents: Europe, America and now also Asia., with the short tour in Japan (one week), but full of appointments.

The year that is closing for Roma will be a year to remember. In addition to the sporting success, there were important innovations in financial and economic terms: first the exit from the stock exchange, then the bond, repaid with 275 million of which 92 paid out of the property’s own pocket. And, finally, new strategies to increase brand value and reduce liabilities on the balance sheet.

The promotion of the brand in the Asian market is fundamental, the agreement in the making with Adidas as technical sponsor also, the need to find new partners continues. Also because so far the Friedkin Group has invested almost 700 million euros in Rome and there is no bigger signal than this to guarantee the plans for the future. The trip to Japan will give Roma the opportunity to talk to new sponsors and during the stop there will be further commercial events.