Sassuolo Roma 1-1, the report cards

Rui Patricio 6,5 – Careful on the outside shots and very effective in the outputs. Especially on the one with eyes closed on Traoré in the second that saves, at that moment, the result

Mancini 6,5 – As captain, he puts leadership at the service of the team. But also on a technical level it does interesting things, like the perfect cross for Abraham’s network

Smalling 5 – After 85 minutes relatively quiet, completely loses Pinamonti and opens the way to the draw of Sassuolo after the advantage of Abraham

Ibanez 6 – Compared to the derby he seems more attentive, on his side D’Andrea first and Traoré then almost never manage to break through and therefore create particular problems at the rear of Mourinho

Celik 6 – A couple of interesting crosses and a fair amount of attention in the defensive phase. The best thing about his game is still the kiss cross that Zalewski doesn’t use. From 65′ Karsdorp 6 – Enters the game well, especially with a couple of good closures in the defensive phase

Matic 6 – Without overdoing it, he does his job with a certain ease there in the middle showing good geometry and the usual physicality that supports the team

Cristante 6,5 – Much more dynamic than his teammate, he is both defensive balancer and the first man to restart the action. Always precious presence to which Mourinho rightly does not want almost never to renounce

Zalewski 5,5 – He covers and pushes well on that side, but he has the fault of throwing away the most greedy opportunity of the first half and probably of the whole game. From 66′ El Shaarawy 5,5 – Mourinho would have expected a very different impact. He proposes little and never creates superiority

Zaniolo 6 – It’s definitely the most active of his, with rips and progressions that also lead to a couple of heavy warnings among neroverdi. But the feeling is that there is always no right choice at the time of the last pass. From 78′ Belotti sv

Volpato 6 – He wants and tries, but without particular results. Good energy and ideas, but often his maneuver is a little confusing and is therefore unproductive. From 73′ Bove 6 – Try to give quality above all to the offensive phase with few treble

Shomurodov 5 – He does not take advantage of the opportunity given him by José Mourinho with the first title in the league. Some mistakes at the stage of choice and conclusion and a few other ideas worthy of note. From 66′ Abraham 7 – The last goal in the league was dated September 12, normal that there was great expectation, between fans and teammates. He enters the race very well and gives hope, even for a few minutes, his

José Mourinho 6 – He changes a lot at the beginning but the choices don’t give him much reason. Good at rearranging the team in the current race, but not enough to win the challenge