Solbakken the joker arrives, but Mourinho asks for more: Aouar idea

It will not be an easy market for Roma, indeed, it will be very difficult to make incoming transactions. The Giallorossi must fall within the limits imposed by UEFA to comply with the Financial Fair Play, which also includes the payment of a fine. Sure, five million, but that could go up to thirty-five in the event Roma make purchases that exceed their budget.

Mourinho will have to make do with necessity and virtue. Tiago Pinto cannot move without first giving in. The only sure reinforcement is that of Ola Solbakken. It will come to zero parameter and therefore does not burden the coffers of the company. The Norwegian will not go with the team to Japan, because Bodo, despite the championship in Norway is stopped, does not release him in advance.

The role where it is most urgent to intervene is that of the midfielder. Roma have been offered Houssem Aouar, one of the most talented players in Lyon who has the contract expiring in June and has already announced that he does not intend to renew it. Every attempt of the club has been in vain. It is therefore an opportunity and many clubs are interested. Your entourage has been on the move for a long time.

Milan is also moving in the last few months, which seems to have taken the lead. To catch the player in January, paying compensation, or wait until June to get him for free. Roma had moved on earlier. The Giallorossi club had already dealt with both the agent and Lyon last summer and will be back in charge. There’s also competition from a couple of premier clubs.