Spezia 0-2 Roma, Report cards

Rui Patricio 6 – Controls a couple of shots from the distance in the first half finale, but is almost never engaged. The six-on-one surgery only gets to the end.

Mancini 6,5 – In a nervous race he did not get caught by the usual character. The missed yellow is news, but beyond the defensive tasks he is the first to raise his head and serve the tip with precise throws to the centimeter.

Smalling 7 – Come on, come on, come on. The incitement to teammates highlighted the importance of a player of character, concentrated up to 90′. Pivot of the department, in its parts the spice has never broken through.

Ibanez 6,5 – In the first half he tries to break the monotony with a solitary ride – without finding the conclusion – then he puts himself in the trenches and helps the defensive line, despite the little work to be done.

Celik 6 – Manages the moment without ever overdoing it. If it sinks it creates a lot of headaches, in defense it untangles a couple of complex situations. He gets lost in a couple of attacks where he can’t serve his teammates in the right time.

Cristante 6 – It lowers and rises, like an elastic try to keep midfield and defense united. He catches balls and gives them to Matic, a dirty job that someone has to do. From 93′ Camara s.v.

Matic 6,5 – In the first minutes he ventures too much into personal actions, then he begins to dictate the timing and to beat the rhythms. Quality and consistency, try a pair of shotguns from the edge.

Zalewski 6 – In the first half he is the only one who tries to do something, then he eclipses with the passing of minutes. It falls in the second half, but overall it brings home the performance.

Dybala 7,5 – Core de sta città. Indeed, core de sta Roma. In a first period in which are worth more than the quality, is the only one to turn on the light. Then the teammates start to follow him and the score changes: two plays, two goals. Core yes, but also soul. From ’85’ Belotti s.v.

El Shaarawy 7 – First he’s on the defensive, then he’s in the right place at the right time. And it starts the Giallorossi’s party. 71′ Bove 6 -It is placed between the lines to make density. Task accomplished without too many pathetic.

Abraham 7 – It is true that the goal at home has been missing for a long time, but the work done is pure striker. Fighting, jumping on every ball, he also invents a net with an attached tunnel that effectively closes the game. From 93′ Solbakken s.v.

José Mourinho 6,5 – It was a complicated game, in which we talked more about Zaniolo than about the match. As usual he keeps his in a watertight box and manages to tear three fundamental points before the match with Napoli.