ZANIOLO: “The pressures? I’m used to living with them. Renewal? The prosecutor and society will take care of it”

Italian Cup – ROMA-GENOA, THE PRE-MATCH INTERVIEWS ZANIOLO TO ”ITALIA UNO” There are always many expectations about you, how do you live it? Someone calls you an unfinished player…“Pressure is part of football, I’m used to living with it. The important thing is to work for the team and do what the coach asks, the … Read more

Zaniolo, the contract is a rebus and the future always very uncertain

A shot at the circle (“There is no darkness on the horizon, Nicolò is good for Roma”) and one at the barrel (“We will deal with an engagement based on the value that the same management has communicated to the market”). In an interview on the website of the Gazzetta dello Sport, Claudio Vigorelli, Zaniolo’s … Read more

Napoli try: contact with Zaniolo, tempted by Spalletti. Ready 30 million

Operation Zaniolo, future operation. No surprises. Today being trained by Luciano Spalletti in a young and ambitious team attracts the attention of important players. As Spalletti says: “Today those who arrive in Naples do not want to leave”. When the Neapolitan club contacted the agent of the striker, Claudio Vigorelli – who in turn reported … Read more

Zaniolo’s mother frames the Rolex thief who threatened her: “Shut up or I’ll shoot you”

Sentenced to five years and six months in prison one of the robbers of Nicolò Zaniolo’s mother. The man went to trial for stealing Rolex, money and car keys from Francesca Costa. The woman recognized him in court, while the identity of the second attacker remains unknown. The robbery dates back to May 23, 2019 … Read more

Zaniolo: “Never thought of not responding to a call for the National”

With a message posted on his Instagram account, Nicolò Zaniolo wanted to silence the rumors that he refused a call-up of the National Team for friendlies against Albania and Austria. These are the words of the Giallorossi number 22: “In recent weeks I had to deal with a blow suffered in Verona and a subsequent … Read more

Zaniolo dreams of his first derby goal in a Giallorossi-tinged Olimpico

“The coach asked me how I was, I gave him my availability because Roma come first”. The emotional state of Nicolò Zaniolo is contained in these few but significant words, punctuated in the heart of the magical evening of the Olimpico, after the goal signed at the Ludogorets. With this hunger and this desire, Nicolò … Read more

Zaniolo sting from Uefa: two more rounds of disqualification. Roma will appeal

Sting for Nicolò Zaniolo. Uefa has in fact given another two days of disqualification to the talent of Roma for the expulsion remedied in the Olimpico match against Betis. After serving the disqualification in Seville, now Uefa has decided to add two more days: in this way Zaniolo would close his group in the Europa … Read more