Roma Dybala employee: Mourinho can no longer do without the Joya factor

Dybala enters and lights up Roma. On the night of the homage of Bruno Conti and Captain Pellegrini for the world title, Joya once again illuminates the Olimpico. Against Genoa Mourinho’s initial choices, understandable given the close commitments of the beginning of the year, did not foresee the employment of the Argentine. The Portuguese coach … Read more

Roma, training and final of the World Cup. Mou: message to Dybala

ALBUFEIRA – Clouds over Albufeira on Roma’s fourth day of training. The wind brought a disturbance to the Algarve town and the temperature dropped a few degrees from yesterday’s 24 degrees. It’s gonna be a workout this morning, cooler and probably a little rainy. The team left the resort at 10:00 with the Giallorossi coach. … Read more

Dybala returns first for Roma

Dybala, desire for Rome. The striker does not play with Argentina, he cheers sitting on the bench and when he finishes his World Cup he could land first in Trigoria to make himself available to Mourinho. Paulo is ready to cut his holidays for Roma, he wants to pick up where he left off before … Read more