Zaniolo and the contract renewal with Roma, the truth: how things are

The week with the National Team helped him regain the trust of Mancini, now Nicolò Zaniolo needs to give a change to his season in Roma. In Italy he could not find the goal, but the attitude of the guy on and off the field really liked the coach who wanted to congratulate him at the end of the match against Austria. Despite the defeat Zaniolo tried his best to try to shake a team that could not express itself at high levels, putting himself at the disposal of the coach between role changes and support during the coverage phase. It was a job appreciated by the National Team, just as it was appreciated by Roma that the Giallorossi talent also gave up a few days of vacation (the one his teammates did in the week after Turin) To catch the plane to Tokyo.

The contractual node
Nicolò no stop, regenerated from the blue and now ready to work hard to be able to give more in the Giallorossi. And deserve the renewal. At this time put standby. Because after the September meeting the parties did not keep up to date. Tiago Pinto and agent Claudio Vigorelli had no more direct contact and the contract was not discussed, concentrating all the attention of the club only on sports results. So new contact during the stop? It is not discounted. On the contrary, at the moment the parties seem more oriented to update in 2023, and for the moment no appointments have been made to discuss the future of the 23-year-old. Roma decide, they let the player know, but at the moment no call was made by Trigoria to the agent. The proverb “no new, good news”, in this case does not hold, of course for fans who would like to lock the player and not bring him dangerously close to the summer with a contract expiring in 2024. The Friedkins have been clear about all the contract renewals: first you have to prove you deserve it on the field, then you can talk about it again. Also because Zaniolo also means an important investment from the economic point of view: the demand of his entourage is of four million net as a fixed base plus bonuses (of about one million euros).

The turning point
The Giallorossi are stalling, but Zaniolo is looking forward to playing again to convince the club to bet on him. So far the guy has alternated important performances with low-key races, but still showing great commitment and determination to help the team both in the offensive and defensive stages. Certainly Nicolò is not satisfied with the mercature, just two, in fourteen appearances: he wants more goals, he wants to find the goal in the league that at the Olimpico is missing from 2019. The day of Rome-Bologna, next January 4, will be 1156 days of abstinence: finding it in the first game of 2023 would be the right way to start, forget the past and play a second part of the season at most. For Roma, for the renewal, to return to rejoice with the fans.