Zaniolo’s mother frames the Rolex thief who threatened her: “Shut up or I’ll shoot you”

Sentenced to five years and six months in prison one of the robbers of Nicolò Zaniolo’s mother. The man went to trial for stealing Rolex, money and car keys from Francesca Costa. The woman recognized him in court, while the identity of the second attacker remains unknown. The robbery dates back to May 23, 2019 and took place in Viale dell’Aeronautica in the Eur district. It is not the first time that Costa is robbed: previously they had stolen the Mini Cooper, which was then returned to her, while a year later unknown have snuck into his Suv.

The reconstruction of the story
According to what was reconstructed during the investigation Francesca Costa was walking in the street, when two people approached her on a motorcycle, they threatened her and forced her to hand over everything that was precious she had with her and the car keys, But it wasn’t stolen. Zaniolo’s mother did not resist and handed over everything. When she was left alone she immediately called the police and filed a complaint. So the investigation started, which led to the identification of one of the two responsible.

The comment of Zaniolo
After the theft, Francesca Costa took it out on Instagram: “Every violence, whatever it is, deprives the person of his freedom. That’s how I felt today. I thank the two of you for showing me such great courage. I hope at least you can be proud of yourselves. And your mothers too”. Among the many comments also that of the son: “My mother for the second time thanks those who allowed themselves to steal something that does not belong to him. Too easy to see a woman alone, threaten her and consequently rob her of her things…then don’t complain”.