AS Roma Dominates Brighton 4-0 in First Leg Europa League Showdown

AS Roma delivers a spectacular performance in the first leg of their Europa League Round of 16 clash against Brighton, securing a commanding 4-0 victory. Coach De Rossi emerges victorious in his friendly duel against De Zerbi, as the Giallorossi put on a dazzling display at the Stadio Olimpico.

Roma vs. Brighton Player Ratings

Svilar 7: The young goalkeeper showcases his skills when needed most, thwarting Brighton’s attempts with finesse and agility throughout the match.

Celik 7: A solid performance from Celik, earning applause for his defensive prowess and contribution in initiating attacking plays.

Mancini 7.5: Mancini shines both defensively and offensively, demonstrating his versatility with a well-timed sliding tackle that finds the back of the net.

N’Dicka 6.5: N’Dicka proves to be a reliable presence in defense, making timely interceptions and providing stability at the back.

Spinazzola 7.5: Spinazzola dazzles on the flanks, delivering pinpoint crosses and contributing to Roma’s attacking threat with his speed and accuracy.

Cristante 7: Cristante impresses with his defensive work rate and plays a crucial role in midfield, orchestrating Roma’s buildup play effectively.

Paredes 7: Paredes showcases his vision and passing ability, dictating the tempo of the game and providing support in both defensive and offensive phases.

Pellegrini 6.5: Pellegrini gradually finds his rhythm in the match, contributing defensively and testing the opposition with his attacking runs.

Dybala 8: Dybala shines as he opens the scoring with a clinical finish and showcases his playmaking abilities throughout the game, earning praise for his overall contribution.

Lukaku 8: Lukaku proves to be a constant threat in attack, troubling the Brighton defense with his physical presence and scoring a crucial goal for Roma.

El Shaarawy 7: El Shaarawy displays his attacking instincts with a well-executed counterattack and provides a crucial assist in Roma’s dominant performance.

De Rossi 8: De Rossi’s tactical acumen pays off as Roma dominates proceedings, showcasing a well-organized defense and a potent attacking display under his guidance.

AS Roma’s emphatic victory sets the stage for an exciting second leg against Brighton as they look to secure their passage to the quarterfinals of the Europa League.