El Shaarawy’s Rapid-fire Responses Revealed in Exclusive 433 Interview

Stephan El Shaarawy recently took part in a lightning-fast interview with 433 on Instagram, tackling a variety of topics ranging from football to music in their “60 Second Challenge.” Here’s a breakdown of his candid responses:

When asked about his first thoughts on Riyadh, El Shaarawy quipped “Hot,” capturing the essence of the city’s climate.

For the perfect pre-match meal, the footballer opted for a classic choice: “Plain pasta.”

In an alternate reality, if not a footballer, El Shaarawy expressed his unwavering dedication to sports-related endeavors, showcasing his passion for the field.

When pressed on the best player he’s ever played with, El Shaarawy didn’t hesitate: “Totti,” paying homage to the legendary Francesco Totti.

In terms of the toughest opponent he’s faced, El Shaarawy singled out Lionel Messi as the standout competitor.

Given the choice between losing his speed or his skills, El Shaarawy prioritized his pace, highlighting its importance in his playing style.

In terms of packing essentials, El Shaarawy’s priority is clear: “Clothes,” ensuring he’s ready for any occasion.

Reflecting on his childhood idol, El Shaarawy fondly recalled admiring Kaka’s career and achievements.

Moving onto culinary preferences, El Shaarawy revealed a sweet tooth, declaring “Desserts” as his favorite food.

When it comes to goal celebrations, El Shaarawy’s personal choice takes the spotlight.

Highlighting a memorable moment, El Shaarawy pinpointed his goal against Frosinone as his most beautiful strike.

In a playful twist, El Shaarawy opted for a red card over scoring an own goal when faced with the hypothetical scenario.

Turning his attention to the Saudi League, El Shaarawy named Neymar as his favorite player in the league.

Musically, El Shaarawy’s taste leaned towards “Can’t Hold Us” by Macklemore as his preferred song.

Finally, when asked about the team’s joker, El Shaarawy singled out Azmoun as the most humorous player in the squad.

El Shaarawy’s rapid-fire responses offer a glimpse into the multifaceted personality of the football star.