Giuseppe Giannini’s Insights on Roma Ahead of Frosinone Clash

Giannini: ‘De Rossi? Reminds Me of Luis Enrique. Pellegrini Wears the Armband with Personality

The ‘Prince’ Talks About Daniele De Rossi’s Roma and Captain Lorenzo Pellegrini

Tomorrow, Roma will face Frosinone at the Benito Stirpe Stadium in a crucial match for Daniele De Rossi’s side, who are vying to stay in the race for the upcoming Champions League. Speaking about tomorrow’s match and the new coach, “The Prince” Giuseppe Giannini shared his thoughts in an interview on the Lega Serie A YouTube channel. Here are his words:

Giannini’s Remarks:

On the Romanisti environment: “At first, I seemed like a detached guy from the Romanisti environment, which is a popular, warm, and affectionate atmosphere. Then gradually, the fans managed to understand who I really was.”

On Dybala: “You can tell from how he thinks, how he moves on the field, and how he manages to handle the ball without looking at it for a long time. Reasoning, imagination, you can’t learn it, it’s not something you can train. You either have it or you don’t, and that’s called talent.”

On Coach De Rossi: “He is transmitting what he found with Luis Enrique. He is trying to speed up what was not achieved with Luis Enrique, namely that you would reach the midfield, then when you lost the ball, there were 40 meters to recover, and the opponents would easily attack you. I associate him a lot with Luis Enrique in terms of playing style.”

On Pellegrini: “He has found himself. He wears the captain’s armband with great style and personality. I am one of his supporters even if he may not know it. He can do everything, play in any position.”

On Frosinone vs. Roma: “In Frosinone, I expect the Roma that De Rossi wants, proactive and attempting to play. Frosinone will focus on counterattacks. Roma with De Rossi has regained the serenity that was lacking under Mourinho.”