Luciano Moggi’s Bold Remarks on Mourinho at Roma

Renowned former Juventus executive, Luciano Moggi, has weighed in on the recent coaching change at AS Roma, offering candid insights into the impact of Jose Mourinho’s departure and Daniele De Rossi’s arrival.

Moggi did not mince words, stating, “With Mourinho, Roma would have ceased to play football. The Friedkins did well to understand this.” He criticized Mourinho’s focus on himself rather than the team and highlighted his confrontational style towards players and the club.

Moggi commended Daniele De Rossi’s simplicity and adaptability, noting how he has allowed players more freedom and redefined their roles within the team. He emphasized the positive shift towards a more liberated and team-focused environment under De Rossi’s leadership.

Moggi lauded Roma’s courage in recognizing the need for change and making the bold decision to part ways with Mourinho. He stressed the importance of prioritizing the essence of football, suggesting that Mourinho’s tenure risked overshadowing the game itself.

Moggi’s remarks shed light on the contrasting coaching styles between Mourinho and De Rossi, with a focus on fostering a more cohesive and player-centric approach under the latter. Roma’s strategic shift reflects a commitment to reclaiming the essence of the beautiful game.