Nicolò Zaniolo Eyes Return to Serie A

Birmingham, UK – Nicolò Zaniolo’s stint at Aston Villa has been marked by a series of ups and downs, but the former Roma midfielder appears set for another move. According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, several Serie A clubs are expressing interest in bringing Zaniolo back to Italy.

Zaniolo, currently owned by Galatasaray, has made his intentions clear: “The club knows, my agent knows: I want to return to Italy. I’m supporting the Azzurri from home, even though it hurts to watch the Euros from afar.”

Zaniolo’s season at Aston Villa has been less than stellar, prompting him to seek a return to familiar territory. The 24-year-old is eager to reignite his career in Serie A, where he previously showcased his potential with AS Roma.

As the transfer window heats up, Zaniolo’s desire to move back to Italy could spark a bidding war among Serie A clubs. His skill set as an offensive midfielder remains highly regarded, and a return to Italy might be the catalyst needed to revive his form and fulfill his potential.