Record heat at Trigoria, solutions for Roma’s pre-season training camp

Commencing the first phase of preparations, but the scorching heat will undoubtedly be Roma’s first real opponent of the season. The new week begins with soaring temperatures due to the African anticyclone Cerbero, ready to heat up Italy with peak temperatures well over 40 degrees Celsius. In the past two days, the Romans have already had to cope with the intense heat, and now Mourinho and his players will have to endure it during training sessions. “It’s really hot here,” said José once he stepped out of the cool terminal at Ciampino. During the meeting Mourinho had with his staff on Saturday, they discussed how to counter the daily temperatures ranging from 35 to 39 degrees Celsius.

Roma’s solutions to beat the heat at Trigoria To overcome the scorching heatwave surging from North Africa, training sessions will be scheduled in the early morning and late afternoon hours, especially during the initial days of the gathering when the players’ bodies need to readjust to intense physical activity after 35 days of rest. Therefore, training is planned around 9-10 am and then again around 6-7 pm when temperatures are lower compared to other parts of the day. Work on the field will be interspersed with frequent breaks for hydration, regaining strength, and catching their breath. Between exercises, players will have time to drink and cool their heads, with the added recommendation of a nutritious breakfast and snack (monitored by Trigoria’s nutritionist) consisting of plenty of fruits to provide energy for the work ahead. Both field work and activities in the pool will be part of the athletic program, followed by gym sessions with a more comfortable temperature.

Roma retreat: Rest days and friendly matches To avoid placing excessive stress on the players’ bodies, Mourinho will also grant them some days off after intense training sessions. Some rest to prevent overloading and injuries. This is where the work of the fitness trainers, physiotherapists, and osteopaths becomes crucial in summer preparations focused on injury prevention. Careful athletic training will be conducted in the initial phase of the gathering, but always with the use of the ball to avoid excessive strain. No stairs, for example, but gradual training sessions that will become more demanding over time. The first friendly matches will be against local representative teams, not high-level opponents, to work on match rhythm and physical fitness. As days pass, more significant challenges will be scheduled. Summer preparations in football have always been different from other sports, with intense training sessions from the start that risk draining the team during the season. Therefore, Roma will attempt to change their approach to maintain conditioning and reduce muscle injuries while still contending with the intense heat of Trigoria.