Roma CEO Lina Souloukou Addresses Friedkin Family’s Commitment

Speaking remotely at the ‘Business of Football Live’ event in London over the past two days, AS Roma’s CEO, Lina Souloukou, delivered a resolute message regarding the intentions of the Friedkin family towards the club’s future.

Key Statements:

1️⃣ Roma Belongs to Friedkin Family: Souloukou emphasized, “Roma belongs to the Friedkin family, who have a profound commitment and vision for the club’s future.” She dismissed rumors of any potential sale, affirming the family’s dedication to furthering the club’s growth.

2️⃣ Saudi Arabia Sponsorship: Addressing recent speculation surrounding Saudi Arabia’s involvement, Souloukou clarified, “Before discussing Saudi Arabia, I want to make it clear that there have been unfounded rumors regarding a potential sale of the club. The Roma is owned by the Friedkin family, who are fully committed to its future.” She expressed enthusiasm about the sponsorship deal with Saudi Arabia, highlighting its significance on a global scale.

3️⃣ Regional Collaborations: Souloukou pointed out, “It’s incredible to blame Saudi Arabia; they simply aim to elevate their region. Similar partnerships have existed in the past with MLS and China.” She emphasized the positive impact of such collaborations in fostering growth and development within football.

Souloukou’s statements underscore the stability and long-term vision underpinning Roma’s ownership, debunking any speculation regarding a change in ownership. The Friedkin family’s commitment remains steadfast as they continue to steer the club towards greater success.