Abraham in crisis, now risks his place in Roma

«He made more Zaniolo in 45 minutes than Abraham in two games». The fans began to get impatient for the performance of the English center forward, now inside a vortex of negativity from which he can no longer get out. As in the test against Nagoya, yesterday the former Chelsea could not find the net, once again the striker seemed rather out of the game and little involved in the Giallorossi maneuver. All right, they are just two friendlies, but Mourinho would have wanted from the center forward a greater participation precisely because these are the useful matches to be able to unlock and to give a turn at the time of crisis. Because it is a crisis. So far its performance has been frightening. And not only in terms of achievement. This season, the striker only scored three league goals in his 15 games. The expected goals of the player speaks clearly: 7,23 and greetings to the killer instinct under goal. A little coldness under the door, but Mourinho is also worried because he does not see in the boy that participation in the maneuver that had helped Roma so much last season.

Abraham is unable to pick up the team, can not duet with the attacking teammates and does not help in the stage of cover. In fact, yesterday Yokohama’s first goal came precisely because of a lack of coverage in the area that then led to the winning header of Eduardo. Then a wrong conclusion and the change at the end of the first half. Only Mourinho knows if Shomurodov is going to be replaced, but he wasn’t satisfied with his game. But beyond the friendly, which can be valuable to a certain extent, Abraham needs to find himself mainly in the psychological aspect. From the amorous problems of this summer (according to the British tabloids) to the few goals in the Giallorossi to the exclusion from the World Cup: it was not easy for him, culminating with the Olimpico whistles against Torino after yet another disappointing performance of the season. Abraham needs to find himself, but as they say “help yourself that God helps you”. In the field must show greater involvement in the maneuver, more concentration and cynicism under door. To return that player who in his first season in Italy had been able to conquer Roma with twenty-seven goals.

At risk
Also because his place among the owners is now in question. Mourinho cannot do without nets, which is why he is open to the possibility of changing something in front of him. There is an alternative Belotti, although at the moment he is probably doing even worse than English (but with a lower minutaggio)And there is the Dybala solution that Mourinho has already employed by fake nine in the match of San Siro against Inter and that has given more than positive results. Joya’s goal and the team’s victory in a big match. In short, it is not excluded that the coach in Portugal can not study some other move for the resumption of the championship. With Dybala recovered everything is possible, but even the arrival of Solbakken could change the technical tactical plans. And who knows that this chance to lose the place can not help him to unlock to return to be the bomber of Roma. Surely Mou hopes so, and with him all the fans.