Antonio Conte: “Celebrating fourth place is strange, I must win. Future? It’s important to recharge, now…”

Antonio Conte breaks his silence in an interview with the British tabloid The Telegraph. Inactive since March 2023, the Italian coach, who has also been linked with Roma, is on the lookout for a new club and could return to the touchline next summer. Here are his statements: “Trophies are a great responsibility because they remain there to remind you, ‘Look, you have to win. You’ve achieved this, and you have to keep doing it’.”

The objective? “To be celebrated, I must win. Otherwise, others are waiting to celebrate my failure. That’s the truth. My history shows that I’ve always arrived at my clubs in difficult situations with problems; I always build.”

The fourth place at Tottenham? “For me, celebrating fourth place and qualification for the Champions League felt really strange. At the end of the match against Norwich, I called my staff and said, ‘Attention, don’t get used to celebrating a Champions League qualification.’ I was very clear. We did our best, considering all the problems we had to face; fourth place was a miracle. But we didn’t celebrate it as if it were a miracle because I’m accustomed to winning.”

Future? “I took this time for myself, for my family, and to visit my parents. My father urged me to return quickly, but it’s important to recharge, both physically and mentally. Now my only problem is that I have too much energy and I’m bothering my wife!”