AS Rome ready for the UEFA cup Draw against Feyenoord

In a thrilling anticipation of tomorrow’s UEFA playoff clash against Feyenoord, AS Roma is gearing up for an electrifying showdown, marking a significant European debut for none other than Daniele De Rossi himself! The stage is set in Rotterdam, where De Rossi will take his maiden seat on the European bench, adding a new chapter to his illustrious career.

The atmosphere is buzzing as the Roma squad undergoes final preparations at Trigoria before their departure for Rotterdam this afternoon. With the clock ticking down to kickoff, anticipation is palpable as De Rossi, alongside Svilar, is set to field questions from eager journalists at 18:40 local time.

Despite recent setbacks, the squad remains focused and determined, with minimal changes expected from recent lineups. While Huijsen’s absence is notable, Llorente steps up to fill the void. Spinazzola is poised to replace Angelino, bringing fresh energy to the pitch.

In a strategic move, Cristante is likely to sit out due to lingering back issues, making room for Bove to make an impactful contribution. Meanwhile, all eyes are on Svilar, the confirmed cup goalkeeper, as Roma’s defensive lineup undergoes scrutiny following recent challenges faced by Rui Patricio.

Concerns over Smalling’s fitness have been allayed, with the English defender fully integrated back into training ahead of the crucial match. His potential return to action after a five-month absence could prove pivotal in bolstering Roma’s defensive capabilities.

With the playoffs looming large, Roma’s tactical choices are carefully calculated for what promises to be a grueling encounter. As they brace for a challenging fixture against Feyenoord, the team remains steadfast in their pursuit of European glory, setting the stage for a riveting showdown in Rotterdam tomorrow.

Stay tuned for live updates as Roma takes on Feyenoord in this high-stakes UEFA playoff clash, with the fate of both teams hanging in the balance!