Bove is the key to get to Frattesi. But there is the evaluation to be agreed

Bove played the whole game yesterday and who knows if it will be the last one in the Giallorossi, almost. Because his destiny now seems to be to go and play elsewhere in January. Lecce wanted it, but the negotiations did not materialize, now Sassuolo is back.

And then the speech becomes interesting, because the midfielder of Mourinho could end up in an operation that in Trigoria try to do now for almost a year, to bring home Frattesi. The Sassuolo continues to value thirty million, to which subtract 30% of the resale that Roma holds.

Bove himself can enter the deal with a valuation of 7-8 million (with redemption and counter-redemption rights), the ones Roma is asking for. Which would mean paying Frattesi about 15 million or so.