Giannico footwear: when glamour meets art

Art, fashion, elegance and sophistication: these are the elements that distinguish each Giannico signed shoe. It is simplistic to call these with the sole name of shoes, they are in fact real creations in which the glamorous element perfectly marries the visual arts. Giannico is a young, dynamic brand where nothing is taken for granted, where innovation is the basis of every line, every drawing and every project.

Giannico: brand philosophy

Every woman wants something truly exclusive and inimitable and the Giannico brand manages to give each of them exactly what they most desire: something that makes them unique. The Giannico brand was born from the ideas and creativity of Nicolò Beretta, born in 1995, a young stylist from milan who has always been passionate about fashion and art. Nicolò began designing shoes from an early age, a passion that has never abandoned him, but rather, which prompted him to found this brand. 2011 is a truly lucky year for Nicolò, it is the year in which he receives the blessing of two great masters of fashion: Manolo Blahnik and the director of Vogue Italy Franca Sozzani. In 2013 he then founded the Giannico company. In 2015 he won the contest Who is on next? the project dedicated to young stylists created by Altamoda in collaboration with Vogue Italia, which aims to relaunch Made in Italy internationally. In March 2016 Forbes Magazine names Giannico among the top 10 fashion startups of the year. Nicolò has been the creative director of L’Autre Chose spa, the company that owns the Giannico brand, since 2018.

Giannico: a sought-after brand all over the world

Giannico footwear is known and appreciated all over the world. His creations are worn by VIPs and influencers. The brand now has a dense network of authorized Giannico shoe shops spread all over the world. In addition to Italy, these are also present in other countries such as: France, Great Britain, Greece, Denmark, Norway, Russia, Saudi Arabia, China, Canada, Ghana, Qatar, Nigeria and Indonesia. But that’s not all, Giannico footwear can also be purchased on specific e-commerce sites. This young brand has therefore managed to gain great popularity in a short time. L’Autre Chose spa, owner of Giannico also had a turnover of 14.4 million euros in the year 2018-2019. Giannico’s Instagram account currently has 65.7 thousand followers.

Giannico footwear: the most famous shoe models

Among the most famous Giannico shoe models we mention the warm and soft Friulian ones, the velvet moccasin embellished with unique and particular decorations and the super sought-after mules, the shoes that leave the heel uncovered with fashion and super trendy colors especially in this period. You can also find these Giannico footwear models on sale. Among the Giannico shoes on sale it is also possible to find models such as pumps, flat sandals and some satin slippers. Finally, it is possible to find other models on sale in some specific Giannico outlets.