Do you know the Square Colosseum?

Have you ever heard of the Square Colosseum? It is a building located in Rome, in the EUR area, so called because of its particular arched architecture that recalls the typical structure of the Roman Colosseum.

But what is the name of the Square Colosseum for real?

It is called Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana whose construction began in 1938 and was then inaugurated two years later, even if incomplete. The works on the structure were completed only after the war and, therefore, the completion of the building in the middle of the Fascist era conditioned its structure and external decoration: in fact, on the main façade of the square coliseum stands out a phrase pronounced by Benito Mussolini himself in reference to the Italians, addressed as “a people of poets of artists of heroes of saints of thinkers of scientists of navigators of transmigrators”.

How many floors does the Square Colosseum have?

The structure of the square coliseum is that of a four-sided parallelepiped made of reinforced concrete with a travertine roof. Each facade is made up of 54 arches (9 horizontally and 6 vertically) in order to give the building the typical square structure that allowed it to be given this denomination.

It has eight floors and has been declared by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities as a building of cultural interest pursuant to Legislative Decree 42/2004: it is therefore bound to exhibition and museum uses.

What’s inside and how to enter the Square Colosseum?

Starting in 2013, the Square Colosseum was leased to the Fendi group until 2028!

Therefore, it currently houses the Maison Fendi and, considering the constraint as a building for exhibition use, it is possible to visit it since inside there is a large exhibition space open to the public, in which exhibitions and cultural events accessible to all citizens are periodically held.

It is possible to easily reach the square Colosseum by public transport: the building is located a few steps from the Eur Palasport metro B stop, near the Confindustria Technical Auditorium where one of the training centers was installed during the Covid emergency. vaccine administration.