Contract and ransom: Smalling and Abraham think of Roma

Maybe the sound of the sea helped clear their minds. Thoughts and melancholy, desire for redemption and desire for the future, with the thought of England playing a place in the top four of the world against France. It would have taken to be, Chris Smalling and Tammy Abraham: the first, however, perhaps had a long time how it would end. The second, however, has struggled so much to understand and metabolize the exclusion and to the cost was above all Rome.

Smalling’s thoughts are not about the field, but about the contract. It expires in June, if it reaches 50% of the total attendance will have the right to extend it for another season, at the same current salary, and seems oriented to exercise it. Other options, at the moment, are not current, but Smalling will make a decision only in the coming weeks. He is very grateful to Roma, who waited for him despite the physical troubles, and this could have a weight.

Tammy Abraham has no such thoughts. Although in England they write every other day about the interest of Aston Villa (true) the striker is focused only on Roma. He’s fine, and his training numbers are great. The problem is in the head: the nine Englishman, in recent months, appeared distant relative of that player who, a year ago, in a short time had conquered all Roma.

He played 20 games, scoring 4 goals. Is this enough to tell his period? No. There are statements by Mourinho, who first defended him and then prodded him. There are the whistles of the Olimpico. And there are his images: the smiles, the gestures at the moment of the hymn that, with time, leave the step to low and melancholy looks. The company and Mourinho, however, are waiting for him.