De Rossi’s Post-Match Conference Unveils Insights After Feyenoord vs. Roma UEFA Europa League Clash

EUROPA LEAGUE 2023-2024, FEYENOORD-ROMA 1-1, POST-MATCH INTERVIEWS, DANIELE DE ROSSI: “Difficult game. Pleased with Lukaku’s attitude.”

In a press conference following tonight’s UEFA Europa League fixture between Feyenoord and Roma, Mr. Daniele De Rossi, the esteemed coach of Roma, provided compelling insights into the match dynamics and his team’s performance.

Addressing questions about the type of responses elicited from tonight’s game, De Rossi remarked, “The fans don’t step onto the field, and strong teams win anywhere or make their games anywhere. It was a tough match, and we knew it could go this way. They are a strong team with the ball at their feet. I always demand great aggressiveness, but it takes a lot of legs against a team that plays the ball like that. So, before the match, I tried to motivate the players. I think today we also played our game, knowing that there are moments when we suffer.”

When questioned about the five changes compared to the Inter match and expectations regarding Lukaku’s response, De Rossi commented, “He is one of the strongest players in the world in that role. It’s wrong to settle, but he has always delivered performances. The goal would come sooner or later. He’s a natural goal scorer. At 19, he had already scored 100 goals in the Premier League. We want to crowd the box because maybe someone ends up alone. He has to be able to score even when marked, like today. I’m happy with his performances and everyone else’s.”

Regarding Feyenoord initially not pressuring Roma and adjustments made after conceding a goal, De Rossi stated, “It’s not a specific mistake to highlight. The basic mistake is mine, knowing the limited time. We arrived late, and there’s no time to do everything we would like. If you concede goals in the same way, it means we need to work more on certain fundamentals. If we want to crowd the box with many men, we need to defend the goal area better before the cross comes in. So we can mark the men inside, usually 4-5. We need to work harder on that, and Ndicka will also arrive now. Even against Inter, we conceded goals from these crosses, which means I need to wake up and work on it better.”

On the three-man setup with Paredes often not centrally positioned, De Rossi explained, “When you build with three, it’s not necessary for the central player to be in the middle. The important thing is to have a player there who can initiate the play; it doesn’t matter who it is. Usually, it’s the central defenders or the full-back for convenience. The difference is the timing of the pass, which led to Spinazzola’s one-on-one. We give them some ideas and notions, but the players make the difference.”

Lastly, commenting on tennis player Sinner and qualities he would use as a model for Roma players, De Rossi shared, “There’s more than one. I don’t understand anything about tennis, but he’s a very polite guy. It may seem trivial, but he’s handling his incredible success with moderation, which means he works hard. The champions I’ve known have always been humble and serious, and he has the coolness of a champion. In various instances, he had the game on a knife’s edge and stayed in it, like a footballer inside the box who gets a chance and puts it away. When you watch him, it’s like seeing a phenomenon.”

De Rossi’s insights shed light on Roma’s strategic approach and the ongoing efforts to refine their gameplay for future encounters in the UEFA Europa League. Stay tuned for more updates on this evolving narrative.