Does EUFA listen to Mourinho? Starting from 2024, there will be a halt to “relegations” from one cup to another.

Calcio E Finanza has consulted some UEFA documents regarding the new formats of European competitions, which will officially start from the 2024/25 season. The online portal reported an excerpt from these documents, revealing a major change: there will no longer be “relegations” from the Champions League to the Europa League and from the Europa League to the Conference League. This is the text from the UEFA document: “At the end of the group stage, in each competition, teams ranked from 1st to 8th position will directly qualify for the round of 16. Teams from 9th to 16th place will face teams from 17th to 24th place in direct elimination playoffs to qualify for the round of 16. Clubs positioned from 25th place and below will be eliminated from all UEFA club competitions (meaning no transfer to another competition).”

This news will make José Mourinho happy, as he has repeatedly expressed his lack of appreciation for the “relegation” of some big teams from the Champions League to the Europa League during the last season.