Mistakes not to be made in choosing a gold buy in Rome

Relying on a shop in Rome that deals with the sale of gold represents the most suitable solution when you need to get a nest egg in a short time. The needs that can drive a person to sell their jewelry can be the most disparate, but in general the first need is linked to money: when you are faced with economic problems, for example, or you no longer have a job on the which to count or, again, your salary cannot meet all the expenses you have to face at a given moment in your life, so having jewels aside can be really handy.

However, precisely because in these cases we tend to make a virtue of necessity, it is very important and it is for this reason strongly recommended and advised to pay the utmost attention to the shop you choose in Rome for the sale of your jewels and precious objects. Mvs by Sabatini is one of the best-known cases of correct and reliable gold buying, for example. In cases like these, haste can be a really bad advisor and it is completely normal, especially when you are bombarded with flyers and advertising brochures, not knowing where to turn: then, if you need to deal with an urgent expense, the risk of falling into a trap is even higher because often when we are caught up in a need we do not have the right lucidity to face a situation that worries us.

Furthermore, many people make the mistake of thinking that all gold buyers are the same, and that is that everyone is interested in buying gold (of any type) and that therefore each of them may be able to repay in the same way. In reality, this is not actually the case, because even behind a sign that seems to us the most sincere and the most honest in the world, traps and pitfalls can be hidden such as, for example, that of not being a serious and authorized shop and , for this reason, to run into shops whose only interest is to live on the shoulders of the poor, needy and unsuspecting seller.

Therefore, when you decide to sell your jewels, even if you are in a certain hurry, you must not allow yourself to be completely swallowed up by it, but instead it is necessary to make some simple checks to be sure that the gold buyer we have taken into consideration is qualified and honest, and equipped with all the requirements.

The mistakes you must not make when selling your jewels in Rome

The mistakes not to be made are very simple, but they can be overlooked (and it is completely normal for this to happen) when in a hurry. In particular:

  1. Do not consider the substance, but rely only on the appearance. Form and substance must match! Don’t be fooled by the colorful sign, in large letters, or by the persuasive billboard: check that everything promised in the flyer is actually respected, and if this does not happen, change shop!
  2. Based only on word of mouth. Don’t get caught up in the enthusiasm of hearsay, but check online for reviews: word of mouth can be important, but when it comes to money, don’t rely only on the hearsay of friends or relatives. For example, if the gold buyer you’ve been considering has a corporate website and, even better, a blog where it presents useful content, this is a point in its favor!
  3. Don’t check that it has the prices displayed (and, if it does, don’t check that they are really transparent). This is a serious mistake: the shop must not only display the prices, but it is also important to make sure that the purchase value refers to 18-karat gold (and not 24-karat gold, which instead refers to pure gold).
  4. Do not check the weight of the jewel: the shop must have a visible scale, in which the weight of the jewel or jewels he is about to sell must be clear and visible to the seller. If the scale is not visible, there is likely something wrong. An excellent advice is also to weigh the jewels at home, or to compare the weight at other gold buying shops, to be sure that what you are about to get is the right gain.
  5. Do not consider the aspect relating to the request by the shop for an identity document as important: even a single gram of gold, in order to be purchased according to the law, must be registered by the shop and, if this does not happen, it is likely that there are risks around this choice. The transaction must always be recorded, and for this to happen, the gold buyer is required to ask the seller for an identity document. This protects the seller but it is also a legal obligation to which the buyer is required, and deferring to this aspect can certainly lead to many risks and negative consequences.