Francesco Totti Comments on De Rossi and Roma’s Europa League Draw

In the aftermath of the Europa League round of 16 draw pairing Roma against Brighton, Francesco Totti shared his thoughts on the upcoming challenge and the current state of the team. Speaking at the World Legend Padel Tour in Dubai, Totti highlighted Daniele De Rossi’s impact as Roma’s coach and his own focus on padel:

“Facing Brighton will be a tough challenge. They are well-prepared, coached by an Italian who knows our football. They’ve been performing well in England, so there’s a 50% chance of progressing or being eliminated.”

Totti also praised De Rossi’s transition to coaching: “I think Daniele has entered the role smoothly and has immediately replaced Mourinho effectively. Coaching Roma is a unique challenge, but I believe he is doing very well.”

On his own activities, Totti humorously added, “At the moment, he [De Rossi] needs to focus on Roma, while I’ll handle the padel. I’ve just finished playing here at the World Legend Tour, an important competition that allows us to reunite with old friends and keep ourselves in shape.”

Totti’s remarks shed light on the anticipation surrounding Roma’s Europa League campaign under De Rossi’s leadership and his own involvement in other pursuits outside of football.