Francesco Totti Talks Roma and De Rossi in Exclusive Interview

Francesco Totti, former AS Roma icon and newly appointed ambassador for, has opened up about his sentiments towards Roma and their former captain Daniele De Rossi in a candid interview following his latest venture.

Reflecting on his partnership with Betsson, Totti expressed enthusiasm for the project, citing a shared passion for sports. Despite challenging conditions during the shoot, Totti’s dedication shone through, emphasizing his unwavering commitment to his endeavors.

When questioned about his preferences beyond football, Totti revealed a fondness for tennis, though he humorously dismissed any rumors of a career in rugby.

Transitioning to football matters, Totti praised De Rossi’s managerial prowess, expressing surprise at the rapid success but underlying his hopes for continued excellence. He highlighted De Rossi’s deep understanding of Roma’s ethos and its fanbase as integral to his managerial approach.

Regarding Lorenzo Pellegrini, Totti endorsed him as a worthy successor to the captain’s armband, lauding his leadership qualities and on-field performance.

As the Europa League draw pits Roma against Milan, Totti acknowledged the challenge ahead, recognizing Milan’s resurgence but remaining optimistic about Roma’s chances.

When questioned about Mourinho and the upcoming derby, Totti remained tight-lipped, merely stating it would be a tough encounter. On rumors of Roma’s sale to Saudi Arabia, Totti clarified there was no substantial information available.

In a light-hearted moment, Totti ruled out any potential return to Roma, quashing persistent speculation.

Concluding the interview, Totti brushed off questions about the fortuity of drawing Milan in the Europa League, emphasizing the inevitability of facing top teams in the competition.

Francesco Totti’s insights offer a glimpse into his continued dedication to Roma and football, solidifying his status as an enduring symbol of the club’s legacy. Stay tuned for further updates as Roma navigates through the challenges ahead.