He’s trying but it’s not Tammy goal yet

Desperate for the real Tammy Abraham. The appeal of Roma is addressed directly to the player, still a distant relative of the center-forward who last season scored 27 goals contributing to the victory of the Conference League and solving the problems of a nearly non-existent attack. Now, however, it is he who has a worrying goal withdrawal, which is leading Mourinho to ask himself questions about the future of the striker but also about the present of the offensive department.

Four goals in twenty-one games between league and cup, too little for the starting striker. And the Englishman is not only having difficulty finding the shot on goal, but he is not helping the team in the movements and in the offensive phase. Even in practice there is the desire to do but not that malice that had made the Roma fans exalt when they saw him on the field. I mean, he feels less like a leader than he did a year ago, and he’s probably paying off that World Cup mental frenzy. In the last few days he gave some signs of awakening, in the match and in training. Against Cadiz one of the few shots on goal was his.

Seventeen days after the second half of the season against Bologna, the former Chelsea has still not returned to his level despite the athletic work done during the holidays. In the Maldives he carefully followed the training program provided by Roma between a lot of running, exercise bike and gym. In Dubai, however, he stopped at one of the best health centers in the country for a detox diet. Now he must be able to unlock himself permanently so as not to lose the trust of Mourinho, who is also studying a plan to replace the English. How? Using Dybala as a fake nine. He has already tried it against Inter and Joya has responded with a great goal that contributed to the victory against the Nerazzurri. He will also propose it from January onwards, especially if Abraham will not give signs of revival.