Ilary Blasi, that’s how she forgot Totti. A friend reveals everything

Ilary Blasi would be reborn after meeting her new boyfriend Bastian. To assure him a friend of the presenter, who at the weekly Di Più would say: “She is back to being happy in love. At her side there is a man who makes her feel good, makes her smile and makes her heart beat”. The deep throat would also reveal: “Ilary repeats that he spent with Bastian days fun and wonderful. She is very taken by this man who, despite his muscular appearance, shows a very tender side, particularly affectionate, qualities that Ilary has always admitted to appreciate a lot”.

Ilary’s reaction to Totti and Noemi’s photos
According to this person close to Ilary Blasi, the presenter of the Isola dei Famosi “was a little puzzled by the way Totti handled his new relationship with Noemi, he expected more discussion. A casual attitude that has impressed Ilary, so much so as to convince her to come out with her new partner”. It seems that the meeting with Bastian took place a month and a half ago, thanks to friends in common (including Michelle Hunziker) related to the world of fitness, the work of the German entrepreneur and great passion of the former Letterina di Passaparola.

A long-distance relationship between Ilary and Bastian
So, thanks to Bastian, Ilary Blasi would laugh again. And the 41-year-old would be ready to engage in this new relationship, “to use every free moment to dedicate herself to Bastian (who lives in Frankfurt) and is already planning the New Year’s Eve with him in an exotic location, far from everything and everyone”.