Karsdorp disappeared: what his lawyers advised him

It’s a total bust. Rick Karsdorp is now definitely away from Rome, although the epilogue of this irrecoverable story is not yet easy to predict. Yesterday the Dutchman did not show up at the sports center in Trigoria, he did not respond to the call-up for the second consecutive day, he stayed in Amsterdam, While the team-mates did their last training before leaving for Japan for the tour scheduled from today to 29. Yesterday’s training was scheduled at 10:30, Karsdorp not even the shadow, despite being summoned. The full-back, who consulted with his lawyers, seems oriented to go to the break, to be sold in January, even on loan, in the absence of a concrete offer for the purchase outright. No Japan, then. After the tough attack received in the post-match of Sassuolo-Roma, in which Mourinho had referred to the betrayal of a player, Karsdorp had left for the Netherlands a few hours before Roma v Torino, excluded from the list of players by choice claimed by the coach. The full-back seems to have taken a definitive choice. The mediation work attempted by Tiago Pinto in the last hours was not worth it.

Hard market

Karsdorp has already said goodbye to his teammates before leaving Trigoria and in January he hopes to find accommodation. On the market also Juve would be closely following the situation, but on him there is also the interest of Marseille coached by Tudor. Moreover, a buffer solution could also be the loan to Feyenoord, where it had already been “parked” after the first unfortunate Roman experience. But the recently renewed contract, expiring 2025 and an important engagement, makes it more difficult to arrive at a solution, it seems easier a loan sale in January, to get to the definitive one in June. In any case, each decision will be made in accordance with fair financial play, meaning that Roma cannot give up Karsdorp for free and then pay to take a replacement.

No Japan
Karsdorp is also called up for Japan, but it is clear that he will not appear. There is a fine coming from the company, but there is not a precise strategy at the moment, the executives prefer to work with lights off so as not to give further clamor to the story. For Roma, Karsdorp is not out of the pink, the player has failed to play in the last two days. He supported the last training with the team on the eve of Roma v Torino, then he was excluded from the squad, with a decision matured by Mourinho in those hours. The Karsdorp case continues to be debated on social media. Many Roma fans are critical of the Dutchman. The fullback and his family would rent a house from the day he left Rome, on Sunday the 13th. The confirmation comes from his wife Astrid, who in a story on Instagram also made a singular request: “I am looking for a good masseuse to come to my house in Amsterdam”. These days her husband has sent her agent to find a solution with Roma.