Karsdorp has made his decision: I’m staying here

He had experienced a similar summer in Paulo Fonseca’s second season as a coach. It was 2020: Rick Karsdorp came from a half-interrupted loan spell at Feyenoord and seemed to be passing through Trigoria. Roma tried to sell him first to Atalanta and then to Genoa, until the very last second available. However, he opposed both transfers, resulting in him securing a starting position from the first league game in Verona.

Now, the scenario is somewhat similar. Tiago Pinto is trying to place him to make room for the new addition, the sturdy Danish player Kristensen, who is just waiting for an empty locker to settle in. But Karsdorp has no intention of leaving Roma. None at all. In the transfer market, it is impossible to provide certainties because an unexpected offer can suddenly change perceptions and ambitions. However, as of today, the possibility that Rick will not change teams is real. Players are often the last to know things, but in Karsdorp’s case, his desire seems clear.

At this point, without digging in his heels, Karsdorp wants to continue his complicated Roman adventure, which began with Monchi and Di Francesco in the bewitched year of 2017, where he suffered two injuries and seemed to have achieved a decent level of stability with the contract renewal until 2025. In Mourinho’s first season, Karsdorp was one of the irreplaceable soldiers. He never left the field.

In the second season, due to physical problems, he was less prominent, but in the long term, he is considered very valuable by the coach. He is still 28 years old, and if he overcomes his injury concerns, he is a suitable full-back for Roma’s style of play. The question remains whether Tiago Pinto will manage to resell Celik, who was bought for 7 million from Lille last summer. This is one of the reasons why the Kristensen deal has not yet been finalized with Leeds. Otherwise, they will have to convince Karsdorp to end the relationship.