How to train as a wedding planner in Rome?

The job market has evolved over the years to respond to current trends and people’s needs. Today we’re going to talk more specifically about the image of a wedding planner, or, as we all know, a wedding planner who will organize and help you prepare the best wedding you can hope for. This profession was born from the idea of “Made in America” but today it has spread widely and with great success in Italy.

In the article you are about to read, we cover the essentials of the profile of a wedding planner, from how to become one, to his main responsibilities, career paths, job opportunities and how to start a business. So make yourself comfortable and get ready Let’s explore and discover a new world, that of the wedding planner.

what does a wedding planner do?

Wedding planner or wedding planner no? We are used to seeing them working behind the scenes as they prepare a wedding gift table or give the green light to the decor of a venue. But in the end: what does a wedding planner do? In this article we will reveal all the missions of this mysterious figure. Did you know that they can also take care of the bureaucracy in addition to the wedding location papers?

Organizing an entire event without exceeding the budget is one of the most difficult tasks for a wedding planner, as well as the most challenging. To start a peaceful and successful collaboration, it is important to first determine the maximum cost limit for the entire event and, if possible, break it down into various cost items, including location, clothing, photographers, entertainment and set-up. Planning ahead is important to avoid surprises later. It is the profile that acts as a guide for the organization of your wedding. As a good coordinator, the wedding planner will be able to develop operational plans for the wedding by signaling commitments, appointments and deadlines. The biggest plus is that he’ll share everything based on the best time. In short: to achieve certain goals, it is important to detail various deadlines.

Do you know all those important bureaucratic aspects of religious and civil weddings? Well, the wedding planner will take care of the management of the various local entities, the transmission of certificates useful for publications and the launch of wedding invitations. In addition to freeing you from various bureaucratic tasks, this will help you a lot, especially if you work or live in a different city/town than the one where you are getting married.

A wedding planner is the true style signature of your wedding. You know those events where everything from bouquets to tablecloths is arranged flawlessly with consistency, standard and good taste? Here, certainly not by chance! It is a style imprint that only professionals in the sector can leave.

What does it take to become a wedding planner?

If you are afraid of having to start studying again to become a wedding planner, you are wrong.

To date, there are no specific training courses in Italy for the wedding planner career, as the profession has not been officially recognized by the State

You read that right: you don’t need any qualifications to be a wedding planner.

All you need is: a VAT number, a strong willingness to participate, and possibly some basic courses for event organizers, even online

Most of the courses present issue a certificate of attendance, more or less useful depending on the organization issuing the certificate, even if none of them will offer a wedding planner qualification, since, as mentioned above, the profession is not still recognized. There is a regional certificate, depending on the bodies that dictate the rules, and various private and regional schools issue the regional certificate at the end of the training course which gives you an extra document that recognizes your period of study.

Earn experience in the field

The idea of becoming a wedding planner often comes after one or more weddings, and that’s exactly what it should be!

Attending multiple ceremonies can give you a better understanding of how they are organized and give you some practical ideas for handling different situations.

So my advice: before you take on the role of organizer, try offering some help to a relative or friend for free.

Become their personal wedding planner. This way you can test yourself to see if you are really good at the activity.

Courses for wedding planners in Rome, which are the best?

Wedding planner principles, by Roberta Torresan

A training course that accompanies you in your growth towards the profession of wedding planner; acquire entrepreneurial techniques in the wedding field, learn to be a strategic consultant in organizing a wedding, and learn all the experience of Roberta Torresan in the field of wedding organization. Focused on Marketing, sales, numbers, design and planning.

Master D, certified wedding planner course

Learn how the wedding planner process works, the basic characteristics of the different types of weddings, study the latest trends in terms of style, decoration and wedding etiquette. How to plan the different types of weddings, quickly understanding what customers’ needs are, the marketing tools of the sector and implement them to become an impeccable wedding planner. Learn more about the tools to make your brand unique in the sector.

Wedding Planner Course in Rome by DAM Event Manager

The Event Planning course of the DAM Academy based in Rome is the first and only course capable of providing the theoretical-practical skills useful for immediate entry into the world of professional wedding planning in just one academic year. Management tools, management, organization, smart resolution of problems. Today a wedding planner must be able to manage situations in the best possible way but also be highly operational. DAM Academy was born as a workshop of making and with these aims it has always decided to develop and manage its own educational offer. All the experience of DAM to take you to another level in terms of wedding planning.

Ora, fai la tua scelta!