Naples 2-1 Roma, Report cards

The match last night at ‘Maradona’, Napoli v Roma, ended 2 to 1 for the home team

Rui Patricio 6 – Free from blame on both goals, saves Roma at least a couple of times, on the outside shots and being ready even by Raspadori from close range.

Mancini 6 – Between Kvaratskhelia and Osimhen, who often comes from his side on the recommendation of Spalletti, it is certainly not a simple race for him but he is doing well, without major imperfections.

Smalling 5,5 – One of the key duels of the game is between him and Osimhen. Sometimes he takes them, sometimes he gives them, but he does hold it. And given the moment of Nigerian form, it was far from obvious. It stains a good test in the final, letting Simeon escape on the decisive goal. He holds Osimhen, but not Cholito: a paradox.

Ibanez 5 – Too soft on Osimhen on the occasion of the goal and pays more than once the mismatch in speed with Lozano, getting rid of paint.

Zalewski 6 – Forgetfulness: Kvaratskhelia does not follow. But it is the only flaw of a match interpreted very well and embellished by the 1-1 brush stroke of El Shaarawy.

Cristante 5,5 – Presence and physique, but suffers the fast Napoli’s gyro, especially in the first half. 89′ Volpato s.v.

Matic 6,5 – He does not have the pace of the opposing midfielders, but he supports him with great tactical wisdom and the personality of great players. Perhaps the best Matic of the season. 83′ Tahirovic s.v.

Spinazzola 6 – The performance, in general, is not to be thrown away. The attitude is that of the external thrust, we know, and in fact it does well and also engages Meret. But on the goal of Osimhen does not go to contrast and, although he closes the diagonal, remains motionless. From 46′ El Shaarawy 7 – He enters the game well, a few minutes and is immediately appreciated for an excellent folding. But someone like him must make the difference in the offensive phase and he succeeds: insertion and winning tap-ins for 1-1.

Pellegrini 5,5 – Upon returning as owner, he is not at the peak of physical fitness and you can see. To him the task of shielding Lobotka, but the difference in the moment between the two can be seen: one chasing, the other playing. The quality, then, there is and we know it and in fact some danger for Naples from his foot was born. 83′ Bove s.v.

Dybala 5,5 – The fittest man of the moment leaves with a pinch of shyness, a little compressed. Then he tries to turn on the light with some of his plays, but we expected some more. Mourinho applauds for an unusual defensive cover, to say the least providential, on Kvaratskhelia.

Abraham 5 – Not finding space in depth, he tries to meet more than usual, but it is not – for characteristics – centering of connection and he struggles. He closes with zero shots. From 73′ Belotti s.v.

José Mourinho 6 – As expected, he tries to wrap it in his own way to his friend Spalletti: Rome grim, aggressive and ready to exploit the mistakes coming out of Naples. He almost succeeds, as at the Olimpico. Between return at least a point would have deserved it.